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The Importance of Early Cancer Detection


Cancer is an enemy that most people are afraid of. Sadly, cancer can go unnoticed in its earlier stages, and it can take a toll on one’s health. As a non-governmental organization in Mesquite, Texas and Owerri, Nigeria, that advocates for cancer awareness and prevention, early detection is crucial. 

Early cancer detection and cancer awareness are crucial for various reasons, as they both prevent and lessen the detrimental effects of cancer on one’s health. Here are some key reasons why early cancer detection is crucial:

  • Improved treatment success

    When early cancer detection is practiced, there will be wider treatment options to manage and treat the disease. The advanced the cancer is, the more challenging the treatment becomes. You can also reach out to a charity organization in Texas and Nigeria and talk to volunteer professionals about the possible treatment options for early stages of cancer. 

  • Reduced treatment costs

    When cancers are detected at their early stages, they require less aggressive treatments. They also do not require continuous and more frequent tests and screenings to monitor health conditions. In case you want to screen for cancer detection, you can contact our health-based organization in Owerri, Nigeria, and Texas. We have free screenings for everyone. 

  • Increased long-term survival

    Early detection and medical attention mean an increased likelihood of long-term survival. For instance, free mammography screening can help detect breast cancer. After detection, you must seek a healthcare professional immediately to discuss early treatments and interventions to avoid disease progression and complications that may affect survivability

Early cancer detection fosters better health outcomes. As an advocate of cancer and early detection, we at David Omenukor Foundation have programs that include free cancer screening for early detection. Connect with us now!

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