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Cancer Is More than Just Sickness or Disease


As a health-based organization in Mesquite, Texas and Owerri, Nigeria that advocates for cancer awareness, we know that some people only think of cancer as an illness that only affects their physical well-being. While the mentioned statement is true, cancer is more than just an illness. It affects various areas of a patient’s life. 

Cancer affects all aspects of one’s life. While it causes health deterioration and physical discomfort, our charity organization in Texas and Nigeria believes that cancer is an enemy that one should be ready to face. It harms any form of relationship, mental or emotional well-being, and sense of self. 

Cancer awareness also includes sharing the emotional ride a patient can experience. Cancer can take a toll on one’s emotional well-being. Dealing with the diagnosis and the effects of cancer can affect emotional well-being by fostering different negative emotions, such as grief, anxiety, frustration, and depression.

Cancer can also affect meaningful relationships. Cancer patients can be forced to spend less time interacting with friends and loved ones, as they should focus on their health and well-being. While some loved ones and friends can be their support, others don’t have the luxury. Thankfully, they can find any cancer nonprofit organization with support groups. They cannot do all the work alone. 

Lastly, cancer can lose one’s sense of self. Cancer patients may start to wonder about their purpose in life while battling cancer. This is the most common phenomenon cancer patients experience. 

Thankfully, there is always hope. We at David Omenukor Foundation have programs and campaigns dedicated to spreading awareness. As a non-governmental organization in Mesquite, Texas and Owerri, Nigeria, we are doing everything we can to help those struggling with cancer and its effects.

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