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We are committed to reducing the scourge and devastation of cancer in the world one person at a time.

Our Story

Non-governmental Organization in Mesquite, Texas and Owerri, Nigeria

David Omenukor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Health based nongovernmental organization powered and driven by the passion to reduce or even stop the scourge and devastation of cancer in the world.

The foundation does this by creating awareness and providing information on the necessary steps needed to combat cancer in our society. To this end, the foundation provides free cancer screening to rural and the underserved communities with no access to healthcare.

​ The decision to establish the non-governmental organization in Mesquite, Texas and Owerri, Nigeria, in 2014 was in memory of the late David Omenukor, whose untimely but preventable death in 2013 due to colon cancer caused so much pain and anguish among his family, friends, and community. It is the family’s resolve to continue David’s fight against cancer through the foundation so that no one else will go through a similar experience.

The Foundation began its journey focusing attention on colorectal cancer but the devastating impact of other types of cancer like prostate , cervical and breast cancers have compelled the foundation to extend its fight against cancer to these areas.

To this end, the foundation provides free cancer screening for colorectal, prostate, cervical, and breast to rural and underserved communities with no access to healthcare since early screening is the best approach to avoid cancer. We provide free cholesterol, diabetic; and hypertension screenings. These comorbidities can complicate health issues leading to poor health outcomes.

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The Story of His Life

David Omenukor from Umumbiri Opara-Na-Dim, Ekwerazu in Ahiazu Mbaise local government area was born on March 10th, 1954. After a brief stint in Journalism between 1976 and 1978, he studied Accountancy and Management at the University of Canberra, Australia where he also got married to Keyna, the founder of the David Omenukor Foundation. The marriage was blessed with three children, Udoka,Obika and Chidi.​

The late David Omenukor showed tremendous love and care for his family as well as neighbors. He distinguished himself in both community service and to God. His contributions to his parish St Michael’s Catholic Church, Garland, Texas was outstanding. EtiaThe late Omenukor was a knight of St Columbus, a member of Mbaise community Association, Umunna buike social club of Nigeria, and Traditional Council of Chiefs all in Dallas, Texas. His generous assistance to his community and church projects endeared him to his people and earned him a chieftaincy title of ONWANAGBARA OHA 1 of Umumbiri. He was a self-made entrepreneur and a strategic planner who made great impact and difference in the lives of many. ​

David Omenukor Foundation is a continuation of his vision, mission, love and kindness to mankind. The goal is to keep his spirit of giving and caring alive.